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Samsung Microwave Oven Recall

Nationwide is providing free replacement keypad membranes on the following Samsung microwave ovens, per recall notice, ASC20031015001:
  • Samsung MR5491G
  • Samsung MR5491G01
  • Samsung MR5492W
  • Samsung MR5492W01
  • Samsung MR5493G
  • Samsung MR5493G01
  • Samsung MR5494W
  • Samsung MR5494W01
  • Samsung MR6698WB
  • Samsung MR6699GB
  • Samsung MR6699SB
  • Samsung MR7491G
  • Samsung MR7491G01
  • Samsung MR7492W
  • Samsung MR7492W01
  • Samsung MR7493G
  • Samsung MR7493G01
The above microwaves are being recalled for a defect in the keypad, which may cause the microwave oven to auto start. The recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injuries from fire or smoke in the event that items are left in the microwave and the microwave auto starts. The manufacturing date range is from May 2000 - September 2003, regardless of whether it is in warranty, or out of warranty. If you have any of the above models, please contact us for service, (800) 659-3186 X226 or X213. You will not be charged for this repair.
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